Welcome to United Deals Corp, your leading e-commerce software and digital transformation specialist.

Established in the industry for more than two decades, we specialize in developing cutting-edge tools that revolutionize e-commerce. With CrowdSuite" and Markets AI", we have created tools that not only meet the needs of business owners in the digital age, but propel them forward.

Our extensive industry experience, backed by more than 60,000 satisfied customers worldwide and partnerships with the largest retail chains, allows us to offer tailored software solutions based on real market experience. Our own Shopify stores, which have generated an impressive $10+ million in revenue, serve as a testing ground for our tools. We know firsthand what works and what doesn't in ecommerce.

Behind our advanced tools and success is the vision and passion of one man: Chris Hans. As the founder of United Deals Corp. in 2012, Chris started the company with the goal of revolutionizing e-commerce with innovative software and smart solutions.

But we're not just developers and marketers. At United Deals Corp., we're active players in the e-commerce game. We are doers, just like you, with the same goal: to achieve the best possible results in an ever-changing digital world.

With CrowdSuite" and Markets AI", we offer you not just tools, but a partnership. At a time when technology and business go hand in hand, we are proud to be at your side, reaching new heights together.

We invite you to create the future of e-commerce with United Deals Corp. Discover how CrowdSuite" and Markets AI" can transform your business. Join our community and set new standards in digital commerce.