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befluence® UGC Studio

Revolutionize Your Influencer Marketing Strategy with the Befluence Database


In the digital age, where influencer marketing is playing an increasingly dominant role in the advertising landscape, it's important to have the right tools and resources at your fingertips to be effective and targeted. That's where the Befluence Influencer Database comes in, a groundbreaking tool for brands and companies looking to maximize the impact of influencer marketing.


Overview of the Befluence Influencer Database

The Befluence database is a comprehensive resource that provides access to thousands of influencers. Each profile in the database is enriched with relevant information that is invaluable to brands and advertisers. This includes details such as reach, audience demographics, engagement rates, and influencers' specific areas of interest.


Key features and benefits include

Access to diverse influencers


Our database offers a wide range of influencers from different niches and with different reach. From micro-influencers to celebrities, the Befluence database covers the entire spectrum.

Detailed Profile Information

Every profile in our database contains detailed information that goes beyond the usual. This allows advertisers to select the right influencers for their specific campaign goals.


Easy-to-use CSV database

Need specific data for more in-depth analysis? We offer a CSV version of our database for easy integration with your existing marketing tools.

Direct communication through platforms


Our research shows that communicating directly with influencers through social platforms is more effective than traditional email. Response rates and campaign conversion are significantly higher when reaching influencers on their preferred platforms.

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